Brooklyn's Top Dog Parks

Dated: September 20 2022

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Rutabaga Cooper is a little over a year and weighs over 90 lbs! He's a hound/lab mix with almost as much energy as his little brother, Wesley Bishop. Rutie Bootie loves a good belly scratch and trips to the dog park. Here are his top picks for Brooklyn's best doggo parks:

Hillside Dog Park is conveniently located east of Columbia Heights and south of Vine Street.


Hillside is HUGE – it is the biggest dog park in Brooklyn

Diverse group of dog breeds and owners

Picnic tables and benches for owners to sit


Front gate can allow smaller breeds to sneak out

Dirt paths get very muddy when wet

Prospect Park Dog Field

This dog park stretches across several acres inside of Prospect Park and offers a great location and landscape.


Inside of an existing park with plenty of other activities

Connect with other dog owners through FIDO


Off-leash hours are only from 9pm – 1am and 5am – 9am

No distinct “dog runs” with fencing

Dyker Beach Park

Cobbled together over 40 years, this park offers plenty to do for both dogs and humans alike. Of all the dog parks in Brooklyn, this might offer the most diverse landscape, including a golf course.


Scenic location

Offers smaller, more secluded areas


Many owners have reported a “clique-y” atmosphere that could be intimidating to newcomers of the park

The gravel in some areas can get caught in paws or shoes

McCarren Park Dog Run

Two dogs playing in a Brooklyn dog park.

Totaling 35 acres, McCarren Park hosts a variety of activities and is located in the Greenpoint neighborhood.


Dog run area allows off-leash play from 9am – 9pm

Shaded area to cool off

Separate areas for large and small dogs


Not enough waste disposal for the space

Because of this, can be smelly in the summer

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